MiniFFC – 9/19/2015

MiniFFC, or mini form function class, was a mini conference type get together of some professionals in the field of technology. They mainly discussed about their passion. 

The first one was about the do’s and don’t’s of web design. He also talked about the user experience and user interface. He also talked about the different experience in his work and life in college. The second speaker talked about the website he developed and it was called “tremors”. Project tremors is a site where you can enter an address and see how far you are from the fault line. He also gave us tips on how to get exposure and how to make your website successful. The third speaker was a mozilla firefox representative. He talked about the mozilla and some of its tools and practices in their organization.
After each speaker the talk was ended with a little recruitment effort from PWDO (Philippine Web Designers organization). After that there was a Q&A portion or as they’d like to call it, lean coffee. A part where the audience and the speakers themselves get to ask each other questions. 
The miniFFC was an experience that was very inspiring. And now I am really thinking of doing my best in my work. 


Elective 1 – Birthday Cards

The activity that transpired in the meeting last September  , 2015 was an example of a service management kind of work. 

The class was grouped in 10’s, and in each group there were 3 teams which composed of 2-3 members with specific tasks. The project of the group was to provide the client with birthday cards in compliance to the clients specifications. There were three rounds of the project and i was in charge of the logistics, which means that I was in charge of the materials and their costs. 

It was a very interactive and fun activity. The activity also gave me an insight of what service management really is about?